October Geeky Must Haves

It’s October my darlings, you know what that means, **insert excited squeal here** HALLOWEEN!! You know here at the D20 Girls Magazine we loooove cosplay. So a holiday where everyone everywhere dresses up in costumes and it’s cool and we all party and eat candy? Uhmm yes please! So this month I’m gonna hit you with a couple of cool decorations and props to get you in the holiday spirit.



It’s a phone. An old pretty victorian looking phone for decoration. Or is it??? Imagine you have a friend over for a all night Hellraiser series marathon. You tell your friend to make themselves comfy over there on the couch next to the end table with the old phone on it. And as you make your way to the kitchen they sit down n bam the “normal old phone for decoration” begins to ring and scares the hell out of them. This motion activated antique phone works on AA batteries and rings like a real phone.

hantedphonePick up this ghastly prop at HalloweenExpress.com for $24.99

I am a girl who grew up in a household of horror lovers. From a ripe young age I was watching shows like The Addams Family, The Munsters and Tales From the Crypt and sneaking in peeks at movies like Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. But for some reason the only movie my dad would not even let in the house was The Excorcist so naturally the first chance I got I popped that sucker in and now I know why he hated it. Regan the evil little girl that found her way into every viewers nightmares. Now you can bring her home and have her motion activated head twist around and traumatize everyone that dares to visit you.

36841Dare to take this vomit covered girl home from Halloweeneffects.us for $69.99

Cat videos, cat gifs, cat memes, everyone loves cats so why not include them in your Halloween spirit. Not those basic black cats that EVERYONE uses, no for my readers only the unique and extra spooky will do. Mummy cats, yepp dead, decayed, wrapped n gauze, but still small and cute. They’re 12″ x 8″ and come in a pair of assorted poses and are perfect for a dresser or tabletop decoration.mummycatGive these mummy kitties a new home by going to Worldmarket.com for $25.98

I must confess I am a total art freak. I’m the girl who spends 1 whole con day sweeping thru every aisle in Artist Alley wide eyed and gasping. And of course also being a horror queen during the Halloween season I actually shop for year round home decorations. The first piece to catch my eye was this awesome old Halloween costume group portrait on canvas. Before the sexy versions of everything came out, Halloween costumes back in the day were a lot creepier. Partially due to the washed out colors in photography in the pre-90’s, and the other part due to anything before the 80’s usually being home-made. Particulary terrifying were photos published by Ossian Brown from his book Haunted Air: A collection of anonymous Hallowe’en photographs, America c. 1875 – 1955. From which this photo is reprinted from. The Canvas measures 20 x 15 and has red battery operated light up eyes.

portraitClassy up your place with this creepiness by going to Spirithalloween.com for $29.99