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Manga Review: Ren-Ai Shijou Shuji

Ren-Ai Shijou is a shoujo manga written by Kanan Minami, is considered to be a mature themed manga, so warning to anyone under the age of 18, there are some mature content in this manga if you decide to look into, remember this.

Kanan Minami is a well-known shoujo mangaka, her best known works being Honey x Honey Drops and Kyo, Koi o Hajimemasu.66  Today we will be looking at another wonderful work of hers, Ren-Ai Shijou Shuji, a romanticshoujo series consisting of eight volumes, number eight being the final volume. This tale follows spirited young Sheri, a high school girl simply trying to live a normal teenage girl’s life. This all changes when during a group blind date of sorts, she runs into her old karate partner and first love, Tamaki. She has not spoken to him sense she quite karate at age 11. Seri fled the karate seen, believing her first love rejected seeing her because she had bested him in a fight (which later hints at this is not the exact reason) and decided to become a sweeter type of girl that guys would like. It is at this group meeting turned bowling game that her and Tamaki start making a connection, though he is upset at the thought of his once friend lying to herself about who she really is. Though the “date” ends with a kiss, she is still at edge with him as he tries to convince her to come back to the dojo.

It is when she challenges him to a karate fight that she fixes her fate, when he wins, she becomes his “toy” ( though there is no strong mature content till the end of the volume, this is a classic set up for many of Minami’s works). Though this does not seem to fully upset her, she is now unofficially with her first love, and when Tamaki’s karate rival, Sora, comes into the seen and declares his feelings for Seri, it is clear he also has strong feelings for her. His jealousy at first enrages him till he realizes he may lose Seri, and this is when the real romance starts.


It is later in the volume that Sora and Tamaki have a battle for Seri, and even though Sora won the match, he didn’t get Seri though this does not seem to stop him in his plans to win her over. As the volume continues it comes clear that Tamaki is not the only one that has competition in this wild romantic manga series.