Anime Review of Another: Episode 4

Hello and welcome to the fourth of twelve reviews about the anime called Another. I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

As you know I write a little story about the gaps in the series so far. The story as of now is this: Mei died,  but we don’t know when, and because she is a curse upon the school, when you see her you die, as Yukari just demonstrated. But what about Sakakibara? Why is he not dying? Well simple, she has chosen him to be the next curse upon the school, and until she is ready, he will stay alive.

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Episode 4 Put Flesh

This episode starts with a boy and girl talking. It is implied that they are not in class 3, (or the cursed class as people seem to call it) and they are talking about Yukari’s death and how she was not the only one to die that day. Her mother died as well, which then leads us to the new bit of info about the curse. Not only does it affect those of the 9th grades class, but their family members as well. Now my question is this: Why does is affect the family members?

Sakakibara and SanaeSo Sakakibara goes to the doctor to get his lungs checked out. While he is in the waiting room, Sanae sees him and ask how he is doing. Turns out she knows about Yukari’s death and that she has a little brother named Takeru Mizuno who is in Sakakibara’s class. If you remember, in the last episode she told us that she had younger brothers, well we now know who one of them is. But also keep in mind that her brother is in the cursed class 3.

We also find out that Sakakibara is doing just fine, but still can’t do sports. Which means apparently he is going to survive the lung collapse! When he walks out of the hospital he has an Umbrella in his hand, when he looks at the tip of it, he has a flashback of Yukari’s eath. He also runs into Sanae again when he is leaving the hospital. She is off work now, so she invites Sakakibara to go to lunch. Not a lot of need to know info here it’s just a bit of a time filler.

Sanae and Sakakibara talk a little bit about Mei and the class 3 special circumstances. Sanae asks if Sakakibara knows about them, he tells Sakakibara and Sanaeher no, but he did think that there was something weird going on in the class. He then tells Sanae about Mei, how the girl who died in the hospital while he was there was Mei’s cousin, how everyone treats Mei differently, this leads Sanae to think that Sakakibara has a crush on Mei. When he denies it, she pushes a little more until he gets a little mad about it. But he continues to tell her more about Mei. Like when Naoya warned him about messing with things that don’t exist, Yukari’s reaction to seeing Mei just before she died, and how everyone treats Mei like they are scared of her. Sanae thinks that he is being a little dramatic, but promises to talk to her little brother and see if she can get him to talk, since he would not tell her what the special circumstances were, I was doubting that this part of the story would go any further.

To play up the spooky factor Sanae tells Sakakibara that they better be careful in places that strange things happen. Cause that makes all the sense in the world right now…and no I was not being cynical.

Sakakibara saves classmateOn the way home Sakakibara runs into a classmate. She asks if he is skipping school, he tells her that he is on his way home from the hospital, then asks if she is skipping school. She pretends to be sick which leads Sakakibara to comment on her acting ability. She gives a short run of a famous line from Shakespeare and Sakakibara guess that she is in the theater club. We find out that Izumi is in the club with her as well. Now the unbelievable part of this conversation is when Sakakibara ask who Izumi is. I mean did he fall and hit his head? The girl has only drilled him about where he use to live about a million times now. Of course that is a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

All seems to be well and good in this scene, you know just strolling down the street and meeting someone that you know, right? Wrong! They are standing beside a truck that has a piece of glass on it, you know the big panes of glass that you see in huge windows.  A gust of wind knocks the glass off the truck, Sakakibara looks up just in time to see the glass falling and saves his classmate from being crushed by it. Now you would think the girl would start saying thank you for saving my life right? Wrong again. She starts screaming no, and then that she does not want to die. Well I would guess that no one wants to die, but you don’t have to get that hysterical about it.

So I have no clue what is wrong with Sakakibara. He almost gets crushed by a giant pane of glass and what does he do? Not go home and freakSakakibara visits Mei out, he goes to the doll museum to see Mei and doesn’t even tell her about the glass almost crushing him. That to me screams that there is something wrong with him.

Mei talks a little about the class, and that they are all terrified. She asks if Sakakibara is going to be going back to school tomorrow, when he replies that he would be, she says that she should not go then. She also mentions that “it” has more than likely begun and that she is 100% sure that it actually has started, then walks off. I mean what the heck is wrong with these people?

Sakakibara and ReiWhen Sakakibara gets home, he has a strange little convo with his aunt. She is clearly out of it, like something is very wrong with her. She does not remember things that they had discussed before, like the fact that she already told him about the rules for attending Yomi North. When Sakakibara says the word “Why?” she freaks out and slams her hands on the table. Then shouts that she can’t stand the bird. Well at this point and time the bird is not making any noises. But I do agree, I don’t like the bird either.

The next scene is somewhat puzzling. Half of the class is talking about Yukari’s death Lets talk about Sakakibaraand wondering why she took the staircase that was the furthest from the class. In this group you have the classmate that Sakakibara saved from being crushed by the glass pane. Then on the other side of class you have a group of three students one being Izumi. They are talking about Yukari’s death as well. One of them mentions that it might have been a coincidence, Izumi said she could believe it only if Yukari had died, and not her mother as well. The male student in the group comments that the school was stupid for putting a new student in the class. Izumi says that the principal does not believe in the curse, and that it was her fault for not being in school when Sakakibara came to school. She also says that they more then likely need new countermeasures because of this, and that “”it” has more then likely begun because of him. Sakakibara finally arrives and the class looks up, everyone who was not in their sets goes to them, and everyone looks like the plague is standing in the class. Of course Sakakibara has no clue what is going on, so he just stands there looking confused.

Izumi Naoya and SakakibaraApparently Sakakibara is getting a little peeved about not knowing what is going on anymore. So he calls Naoya and demands to know where he is. When he finds him he is with Izumi. Sakakibara asks him to tell him what he promised he would tell him in June. Izumi looks like she is about to kill Naoya, and then asks Sakakibara to please forget what Naoya said as a favor to her. She then changes it to a favor to the whole class. Sakakibara says fine, but wants to know what he meant by don’t mess with things that don’t exist, it’s dangerous. This gets Naoya another glare from Izumi and she starts chewing him out as Sakakibara gets a phone call from Sanae.

Sanae asks if Mei is there, she even goes as far as to ask him if she is around somewhere. Sakakibara tells Sanae that Mei did not come to school today. Sanae asks Sakakibara if he was sure that Mei exist. Sakakibara says that yes she does! Sanae callsSanae then tells him that her little brother denies that there is a girl in the class by that name. She continures on to tell him that her little brother won’t even talk about the class from 26 years ago, or the incident with Yukari. She then gets on the elevator and there is some static.

Now I want to point out the whole time this is happening, Naoya and Izumi are in the background arguing. I found this amusing both times I watched this episode because of what follows this phone call. In fact I included a screenshot of Sakakibara on the phone with Sanae while Naoya and Izumi look at him with very annoyed looks on their faces.

Sanae diesWhile she is on the elevator the cable breaks, and the car crashes to the bottom killing her. Of course you get a shocked look from Sakakibara because the phone is still going the whole time the elevator is falling. You can even hear Sanae scream, and then whimper after the cart hits the bottom. This has to be my second favorite death in this anime.

Well there was not a lot of room to write my story in this one. This episode kind of summed itself up and did not leave any gaps for me to use. So I think that will be all for this episode review. If you would like to read the other reviews I have done, then click on the links below. I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as I do, and I hope you look forward to the next review coming soon.

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