The Chic Geek: Melaka Fray

Get ready to hunt some Lurks! This month on The Chic Geek, we’re featuring Melaka Fray from the comic series Fray.

Melaka(a.k.a. Mel) is the title character from the Joss Whedon mini-series Fray. The comics take place in the Buffyverse, and center around a thief from the slums of future Manhattan, who discovers that she is a slayer. Mel is tough, sarcastic, and full of street smarts, and at the same time she is caring, and willing to fight to save her home (think of a cross between Buffy and Faith). She is a cool character, with an amazing story, and you should definitely go pick up the comic.

Channel this slayer’s look by pairing colored cargo pants with a simple shirt(Mel favors crop tops and cutouts). Add a cool leather jacket and some combat boots, and you’re ready to do some grabbing!