August Cosplay of the Month

Every month The D20 Girls will accept entries from around the world to compete as our Cosplay of the month.

August introduces you to Lani Bassett from San Jose, CA

Here is Lani showing us her Poison Ivy from DC comics

Poison Ivy (DC Comics villain) has always fascinated Lani, because there are so many different variations of her character. Lani decided to create her own original version of Poison Ivy. The dress itself, the underlying corset, and the wedge shoes were the only manufactured pieces – the design and reconstruction of everything was done by Lani. As much love that went into the outfit it isn’t what makes the Ivy costume, it’s the makeup! Lani spends 2-3 hours with her the help of her husband making sure she’s covered. Lani’s ALL TIME FAVORITE part of her cosplay is the shoulder pet she created, a toothy plant whom she’s warmly named “Num Nums.”

                                               PI1                     PI2

You can check out the rest of Lani and (her husband’s) cosplay on their Facebook Page:


 ***If you are interested in being our Cosplay of the Month please send entries to and include 1 or 2 High Quality pictures with *your name, *location, and *full details about the costume, *what fandom it’s from, *who made it, *why you chose to cosplay it and *any social media site links you would like us to include.No gender or fandom preference. Just you and your full on nerdiness! If chosen you will be featured on our site all month long. Remember this happens every month! So always send us submissions, SHARE this, smile, and keep on cosplaying.