I have scoured the net far and wide to bring you a monthly list of awesome and epic products that all geeks will swoon over (myself included). As a cherry on top, I will also give you my Etsy Store of the month. Which features the most adorbs geeky accessories to don any cosplay everyday outfit.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air.  Only the Avatar mastered all four elements.”  And this time around, the Avatar is a sassy, hot headed teenage girl that I absolutely adore. But where would Avatar Korra be without her teammates? Mako, Bolin, Asami, Naga and my favorite; Pabu! He’s a reddish adorable frisky little fire ferret with  sharp teeth who has gotten team Avatar out of many a sticky situation. So why wouldn’t you want your own cuddly 8″ plush Fire Ferret to hug tight?


Get your own cutesy sidekick at for only $21.99



Ah lunchtime at work, if you are as unlucky as me it consists of sitting in a dull breakroom surrounded by people you detest, and counting down the minutes to return back to the hell in which you dwell from 9-5. Paper bag, plastic bag, throwing a lunchable in your purse, boring! Now impress the losers at work with your very own retro Ghostbusters Slimer lunchbox with  matching thermos. Its metal, it’s stylish and it will stop phantoms from nabbing your meal.


Go to and happily give them $19.99



Darkness, eerie silence, sweat dripping down your face, and all of a sudden a mean, ugly, foul smelling acid spitting necromorph jumps to the wall in front of you. At that moment you reach for the only Schofield Tools weapon that offers “strategic dismemberment”.  Of course I mean the 211-V Plasma Cutter, and of course I’m referring to the game series Dead Space. Definitely the most expensive thing on our list, but honestly the most useful, is the Collector’s Replica Plasma Cutter with light up green lasers. It even comes with an awesome metal display and carrying case.

e9dd_dead_space_gun_caseSave your scrap metal and redeem it to for a $249.99 value to buy this.



Lannisters vs the Baratheons vs the Starks vs the Greyjoys vs the Lannisters vs the Targaryens. Which house will win the throne? Fight it out with your friends while sipping on a fancy glass of fancy wine giving your best Tyrion impression. HBO now has for sale these beautiful oversized wax seals for each house in the Game of Thrones. It comes in a set of 6 with a handy Game of Thrones tin canister.


Get this conversation starter decor while protecting your tables at for $19.99




Every month I will bring you one of my favorite Etsy sellers with the cutest geeky accessories. This month I bring to you the Etsy Store NerdAlertCreations who sets up shop in Florida. Boasting “nerdiness made chic” she does not fail to impress. Fom LOTR to Harry Potter to Buffy to Zelda she has sweet skirts, shirts, and scarves ready to jump into your closet and spice up your everyday cosplay. Prices range from $20 n up.