The Chic Geek: River Tam

This month on The Chic Geek, I’ll be showing you how to build an outfit inspired by River Tam, from Firefly and Serenity. River is awesome. Really, that’s all that needs to be said. She’s highly intelligent, athletic, graceful, psychic, and she can kill you with her brain! Sure she’s kinda crazy, and she might go into a fit and violently kill you without even realizing it, but that’s why we love her! Here’s to you River Tam; no power in the ‘verse can stop you!


River’s outfits throughout the series and movie all lean more towards the ethereal, bohemian side. Start off with a flowing, gauzy dress and layer it with an over-sized sweater, loose cardigan, or a crocheted vest.  When River actually wears shoes, she’s wearing combat boots, so slip on a pair, add some Firefly inspired jewelry, and you’re ready to cause trouble!