A Face to the Voice: Monica Rial

Many people cannot help but fall in love for an anime character. It takes a special person to bring a design to life, and bring forward that special personality, but for voice actress Monica Rial, it’s a passion that’s been going strong since the late 1990’s.

Voice Actress: Monica Rial

Born: October 5, 1975 USA
Monica has been a voice actor for 15 years and is still going strong. Working with such companies as Funimation and ADV Films. She is known as the most prolific voice actress in the United States due to her hundreds of roles in a wide span of animes. Some of her most famous voices done over the years would be Bulma in DBZ: Battle of Gods, Kai, Broly, and more, Renge for Ouran High School Host Club, Yukari in Rosario Vampire, Soul Eater’s Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, and Mei in the dark anime Another. “Some of her favorite roles: Princess Sakura (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles), Bulma (Dragon Ball Kai), Momoka (Sgt. Frog), Tsubaki (Soul Eater)” (BehindtheVoiceActor). Known for her great works in the business, Rial was nominated and won an award with Behind the Voice Actors People Choice for Female Voice Actress in 2012.

monica-rial-florida-supercon-848x315-1Anime roles are not her only area either, she has also done a few video game voices such as Kuina in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure, and Silver Girl for Unlimited Saga. Made appearances at cons, sometimes judging contest such as in 2008 for the Supanova Melbourne Con, where she was judge to a DBZ Blast Off contest. She has also been guest to Otakon 2004, AnimeFEST 2003, and Sakura Con 2004. And for the year of 2014 has 10 scheduled guest appearances from Animate! Miami to Animethon. (AnimeCons.com).

Outside of voice acting, Miss Rial has done some writing for Funimation, as well as Seraphim Digital. She has played part in the script adaptations of animes such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran High School Host Club, and Dance in the Vampire Bund, Fairy Tail, and many more. Outside of doing script adaptations, Monica has also done multiple Voice Directing jobs for such animes as xxxHolic and Claymore.

Through hard work, Monica has set the bar high for tons of female voice actors, and looking at her work it is easy to see how many consider her to be number one in her field.