I have scoured the net far and wide to bring you a monthly list of awesome and epic products that all geeks will swoon over (myself included). As a cherry on top, I will also give you my Etsy Store of the month. Which features the most adorbs geeky accessories to don any cosplay everyday outfit.

Practically everyone’s earliest memories of that addicting past time called video gaming include 2 plumber brothers and the Mushroom Kingdom. The 8 bit bloops and beeps drove us to keep trying after every life lost and all we could dream of is jumping on that flag one final victorious time. Now as adults you can keep a piece of that world with you always and when you need it most- anytime a hot beverage is called for. The Fangamer group has created a 14 fl oz high impact ceramic version of the Mushroom Kingdom pipes. The green mug measures 4×4 and comes in a gift box and optional add on matching coasters.


pipemug_main2_1024x1024Trade in your coins for dollars and snag this at FanGamer.net for $29


It’s hot and it’s summertime, hopefully you have air conditioning to cool down at home. The problem however, is at night time it always gets a bit tricky regulating the weather inside and it can get a bit brisk. Have no fear, sleek and sexy Star Wars adult onesies are here to save the day. Available in Darth Vader, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett and R2D2, you can look cool while staying warm. I think my favorite part are the stylish hot male models in all the product pictures. Truth be told I probably stared a little too long at the Darth Vader one.


71705Embrace your inner Sith Lord and buy one at BlueBanana.com for $42.59


Godzilla was all the rage this spring. He’s ginormous, he’s powerful, he’s got sexy reptilian scales with a whopping roar that terrifies us all. He is a god and now he’s here to protect your precious garden. Locusts, parasites, weeds and especially gnomes won’t dare to step foot into your garden. This 9×6 poly resin constructioned statue will be the talk of the town.


71h5xtBAZML._SL1500_Guard your precious plants by going on Amazon.com and paying a $29.99 “security fee”.


Indiana Jones, if you don’t know who he is how could I ever possibly begin to explain? What I can say is that if you are squeamish, Temple of Doom is not a good movie for you to start with. I know I can’t be alone in thinking of one very vividly gruesome scene whenever the film is mentioned; chilled monkey brains. Cue fainting and or puking spell…..Well now for all you wonderful adventurers and pranksters, here’s the chance for you to gross out anyone who comes over with your very own Monkey Brains bowl replica.


p6481_column_grid_12Put on your hat, tie up your whip and head on over to Firebox.com with $59.95 in hand.



Every month I will bring you one of my favorite Etsy sellers with the cutest geeky accessories. This month I bring to you the Etsy Store MyBookmark hailing from all the way in the Ukraine. She sculpts the most amazing and unique bookmarks that is sure to class up any book you read. She skillfully sculpts fun and sexy character feet and animal paws out of polymer clay and after painting them attaches them to a bookmark and voila! Fancy bookmarks for all us book worms that just can’t get enough literary fandom accessories. Buy one today for $25.

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