The Chic Geek: Happy

This month on The Chic Geek, we’re featuring everyone’s favorite flying cat, Happy from Fairy Tail!

Happy-1-Anyone who is familiar with Fairy Tail knows who Happy is. The talking, flying, indigo-hued feline, is the fiercely loyal sidekick to Natsu. His bubbly personality, adorable naivete, and never ending love of fish have made him an increasingly lovable character.

Be Happy the Cat for a day! Start with a bright blue dress, add a green bag, a Fairy Tail necklace, and fish-bone earrings. Don’t forget your cat ears! Add an eared hat or headband to finish off your look.

Happy the Cat, Fairy Tail
 All the Blue Dresses! 1, $50 /2, $25 /3, $23 /4 $50/ Green Satchel $30/ Fairy Tail Necklace $9.50/ Fish Earrings $10/ Cat Eared Bowler Hat $37/ Cat Ear Headband $2