June Geeky Must Haves

I have scoured the net far and wide to bring you a monthly list of awesome and epic products that all geeks will swoon over (myself included). As a cherry on top, I will also give you my Etsy Store of the month. Which features the most adorbs geeky accessories to don any cosplay everyday outfit.

There is nothing uncool about astronauts, if you don’t agree you are wrong. The term is derived from the Greek words meaning “star”, and “sailor” and since the 1950’s these professional star sailors have been making us jealous with their heroic tales and pictures of cosmic beauty that most of us will never get the chance to experience for ourselves. The first to step on the moon and the first to see a sunrise from low-earth orbit, these space travelers are some of the most interesting people from Earth. Now you can pay homage to these intensely tested scientists, engineers, and other brilliant human beings with this awesome astronaut cell phone mount.


Smartphone Astronaut Mount



Pick up this adorable texting space sailor from Amazon.com



Easygoing, pizza loving, funny, comic book fan, writer of fiction and poetry, I speak of none other than Michelangelo.  Adorable Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle extraordinaire and my personal favorite of the 4. I am not ashamed to admit he is the cause of my unearthly obsession with pizza, and had me annoying everyone with saying Cowabunga every 5 seconds while I was growing up. With the reboot of the franchise, TMNT merchandise has been popping up everywhere but this awesome night light tops the cake. Available in all 4 of the brothers, this 4×9 battery operated 3-D wall art night light will give you just enough of a decent view for some late night pizza snacking.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Night Light

3d-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle-light-300x250Bring home this darling from Target.com for $29.99



It’s about summertime folks! That means pretty soon lots of sun and soaring temperatures. What better way to keep your driver’s seat cool and sun free than with this classy Star Wars sunshade. It features the iconic image of Han Solo at the helm of the Millenium Falcon with Chewbacca at his side, with Luke Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi as his alarmed passengers. It’s sure to get lots of giggles from passersby.


Star Wars Sunshade

Star-Wars-Accordion-SunshadeSnag this at Logoride.com for $21.95



Tony Stark- suave, sexy, rich and witty. However he also has this pesky little life saving electro-magnet mounted in his chest. The plus side is that the arc-reactor helps his intelligence and has powered multiple generations of the Iron Man armor, saving countless people throughout the Marvel Universe. So who wouldn’t want their own mini version? Better yet, as a ring you can show it off to everyone you come across? This battery operated LED ring is made of solid metal alloy and has a button you can push on the side that lights up the reactor for you to impress your friends.


Iron Man Arc Reactor Ring

f35e_marvel_iron_man3_led_arc_ring_stackThis sexiness is available at ThinkGeek.com for only $9.99




Every month I will bring you one of my favorite Etsy sellers with the cutest geeky accessories. This month I bring to you the Etsy Store TimeMonogram from Hong Kong. I have noticed that I am usually pretty bias in posting girly products in my Etsy spotlights. So this one is just for the fellas, or anyone interested in geekifying a sexy suit. Etsy user Zhang Kaikai makes amazing limited edition silver plated cufflinks with all types of nerd-ariffic images. From superheroes to video games to tv shows, he’s got it all. Prices ranges from about $15 n up.