C2E2 Genderbent Cosplays and Why We Love Them

Here at the D20 Girls Magazine we fight hard for gender equality. It is the sole reason for creating our mother group The D20 Girls in the first place. We all know that the majority of strong Super Hero characters are male, but what is taking society so long to realize is that there are tons of girls who love them. On the other hand there is also the opposite, where many males have strong female characters as their favorite.  Now cosplay in general is all about having fun and having an artistic outlet to express your love of a t.v. show or movie or comic book series with others in a creative role playing way. It is a lot of work but the payoff is wonderful. And while there is a certain satisfaction in recreating an exact replica of a costume piece by piece, the reason I love genderbent cosplay the most is that you are allowed creative freedom. You get to completely turn something into your own unique art piece while still honoring your beloved character.

I put on my genderbent Riddler cosplay and payed a visit to C2E2 in Chicago last weekend spending lots of time sifting through some amazing cosplayers just to find those truly unique and awesome genderbending ones. So, here they are. Enjoy!



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