April Cosplay of the Month

Every month The D20 Girls will accept entries from around the world to compete as our Cosplay of the month.

April introduces you to Phoebe Sullivan from Greenville, NC

Here is Phoebe showing off her Star Fox 64 from Smash Bros Melee
Star Fox and the character of Fox McCloud has always been Phoebes favorite. She spent many childhood years playing Star Fox 64, as well as all of the Smash Bros games, especially the original and Melee. Cosplaying has now made the dream of her own fox suit a reality. Phoebe is not one to shy away from a challenge so she tackled the head, arms and tail, as well as all of the props and accessories all by herself. The jacket, vest and pants were a collaborative effort with her partner’s mom and she is now increasing her sewing skills to become an independent cosplayer.

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You can contact and keep up with Phoebe and all her great work at



 ***If you are interested in being our Cosplay of the Month please send entries to Glitterqueen80@gmail.com and include 1 or 2 High Quality pictures with *your name, *location, and *full details about the costume, *what fandom it’s from, *who made it, *why you chose to cosplay it and *any social media site links you would like us to include. No gender or fandom preference. Just you and your full on nerdiness! If chosen you will be featured on our site all month long. Remember this happens every month! So always send us submissions, SHARE this, smile, and keep on cosplaying.