April Geeky Must Haves

I have scoured the net far and wide to bring you a monthly list of awesome and epic products that all geeks will swoon over (myself included). As a cherry on top, I will also give you my Etsy Store of the month. Which features the most adorbs geeky accessories to don any cosplay everyday outfit.

Ahh the Dark Side- anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, all the emotions that fuel what the Jedi Order will have you believe as the negative part of the Force. But what if these emotions are the only way to bring forth the strongest part of the Force, because those are the strongest emotions a person has. With this Book of the Sith you can read the secrets of the Dark Side that have been passed down through the centuries. It includes a war journal, instruction manuals and even awesome removable features like a Nightsister talisman, a Sith lightsaber crystal and much much more.


Book of Sith: Secrets from the Dark Side [Vault Edition]

515dYNch5mLCollect this piece of history from Amazon.com for $59.99

Spring break is over, Walking Dead season 4 is over, so let’s mourn with a piece of zombie nostalgia. This pencil holder is a perfect combination of style and efficiency. Look at that sexy decomposed green skin, the rotted teeth, those sexy open sores that will keep your pens and pencils safe. How can you not bring him home and display him proudly on your desk for all who visit to see?

Zombie Pencil Holder

Zombie-Pencil-Holder_19413-lPuchase this handsome head at Neatoshop.com for $31.46

Black Milk Clothing, the fandom designer that makes us girls all warm and fuzzy inside, then later offers consolation in the way of upset stomachs when discovering cost of said fandom items. Regardless of price and pesky things like most of their sizes **cough xxsmall to large cough** they do have some of the most epic dresses and leggings this side of the Shire. New in their collection is the Game of Thrones line. My personal favorite is the Iron Throne Skater Dress which actually goes up to xl.

Thrones Reversible Skater Dress

gotdress Shell out some bucks at Blackmilkclothing.com for $87.85

There is no show more like a bro show then the Regular Show, and I love every second of it. Two 23 year old video game addict rappers who work (I use that word lightly) as groundskeepers for a park. One is a blue jay and one is a racoon, and they both are completely useless in life except when it comes to things like raising baby ninja ducklings, fighting jinx monsters and almost getting fired on a daily basis. Mordecai is usually the voice of err uh reason? Which is why I would choose to carry him with me on important business dates. This backpack is so cute, you should add it to your everyday cosplay closet of goodies.

Mordecai Hooded Backpack

mordeccaiTake Mordecai everywhere by snatching him up at Spencersonline.com for $34.99


Every month I will bring you one of my favorite Etsy sellers with the cutest geeky accessories. This month I bring to you the Etsy Store Murals4U hailing from Michigan. This store has a wonderful array of nerdy Dangle Charms, Earrings, and Bracelets that get shipped to you in a cute little gift box. From Minion superheroes to Harry Potter books to Regular Show to Disney they have got it covered!

il_570xN.328391019il_570xN.328428603  il_570xN.288878530