My Minecraft Adventures: Food



Ever play Minecraft and wonder how to stock up on food? Well I am going to tell you my adventure on that very subject.

Last month I wrote about my newbie adventures in Minecraft and all the cool things me and my gaming buddy built. But for this months blog I wanted to write about the one thing I had the hardest time getting…food. Now food is not that big of a deal if you just play the game in creative mode and build stuff. But I call that the cheating way, or it could be just me being stubborn and wanting to do everything the hard way. Now I am not saying that I have not played in creative mode, there are just some things that are extremely hard to find, or for those of us who are netherworld challenged just dangerous.

Takagi FarmWithout further ramblings from me I give you Takagi Farm. You will notice that a lot of the places that we have built and named have something to do with High School of the Dead (HOTD), we are both fans of the series and thought that it was an awesome anime to pull inspiration for naming things from. I briefly talked about the farm and how we came about building it, and how I always seem to find the Enderman, and the escape route. But what I did not cover is the actual farm area below the house. Which is what this blog is about, the area where I fixed my food issue.

As you know you can slay Zombies and Skeletons and they drop stuff. One of the things that got dropped was a potato. Now at firstFarm View I had no idea what to do with it, when I asked my gamer buddy what to do, they told me to plant it. So now I can make baked potatoes whenever I want. We also have carrots in the garden, I am not sure where we got the first carrot from, but they are not all that useful really. Now if you make a golden carrot, well that is where they become plenty useful, sadly I myself don’t find much need for making a golden carrot, so most of the carrots simply take up space or I think my gamer buddy feeds them to the horses. Moving on we have wheat, now this came in rather handy as there are so many types of food you can make in this game that requires wheat. Then there is the watermelons, which is simple really no prep required there, just harvest then eat. There is also the sugar cane, which is another handy little ingredient in making cakes and cookies.By the way I don’t know if I mentioned in the last blog…but I like to make cakes and cookies! Also pictured is the sheep, but you can’t really eat them, the only use they have in the game is wool, but that is for another blog.

Something else that is nifty about the garden, I don’t have to harvest most of it. My gamer buddy came up with a way for me to spend less time looking at the ground and walking back and forth in a row. There is a handle on the left side of the garden that pops most of the garden up for collection when you pull it. I thought this was cool and was very grateful for this, but sadly I don’t know how it actually works. I have not become adept enough to build really cool things with the redstone circuits yet, but I will soon get there.

Cows and chickensNext we have the cows and the chickens. In the game you need at lest two cows and wheat to make them have baby cows. Once the baby cows become adult cows you can then feed them wheat and it becomes a never ending cycle. There is not much prep work to getting beef from the cows, you just go over to one, whack it a few times and it produces raw beef and sometimes leather. The leather you can useChicken eggs to make saddles and harnesses for your horse and the raw beef you can cook to make cooked beef to eat. If you go to a cow with a bucket and click on the cow, the bucket will fill with milk and you can combine this with the sugar and wheat in the cookie and cake recipes. Now we move onto the chickens, which apart from the eggs are useless and make a lot of noise. My gamer buddy also made a nifty little system to collect all the eggs, which works a little to well, or we have to many chickens. Either way the chest that all the eggs end up in is usually overflowing and we can never make things fast enough. Now you can take the eggs, milk, wheat, and sugar to make those awesome cakes and cookies I keep talking about.

If you would like to see the foods you can make in Minecraft click here. This site has helped me learn how to make a lot of things. I just so happen to have a sweet tooth and manly just make the cakes and cookies. If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will try to address the questions in a reply or in the next blog. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed My Minecraft Adventures.