The Chic Geek: Attack on Titan

Strap on your Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, because this month The Chic Geek is doing Attack on Titan!

If you haven’t watched Attack on Titan or read the Manga, you are missing out. It’s an amazing and unique story set in a bleak, dystopian future. After mankind was nearly wiped out by giant humanoids called Titans, the surviving humans retreated behind huge walls to protect themselves. But after 100 years of safety, the Titans have returned, and the fate of humanity is once again uncertain.

To channel the uniform of the Scouting Corps, stick with a utilitarian look. Start with a basic white button up shirt and pants. Add a tan colored jacket, brown boots, and some Attack on Titan inspired accessories. Don’t forget a red scarf!

Attack on Titan

White shirt, $34/ Quilted biker jacket $49/ White skinny jeans, $34/ Brown boots $50/ Glass earrings $15/ Eren’s Key necklace $5/ Mikasa’s red shawl $25/ Buckle belt $10/ Attack on Titan survey corps jacket $36/

Got a favorite geeky character outfit that you’d like to see re-mixed into a modern ensemble? Leave a comment and let me know!