Chicago Tardis: A Pictoral Review

Chances are that you picked up a copy of our winter edition of the D20 Girls PDF or Print magazine which was British Fandom themed and was referred back to here for full photos of our trip to the Chicago Tardis Convention. I myself joined in the fun and cosplayed as #9 (my Doctor) and as a Star Whale protestor. I was also lucky enough to be invited as press and had an excellent time meeting up with fellow Whovians like my awesome tumblr buddies: glitter-from-gallifrey and grumpygoldfishzagreus, got to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in style, buy tons of whovian things and see all the awesome and amazing cosplays. Of course getting to meet some of our favorite stars like Nina Toussaint-White, Dan Starkey, Freema Agyeman and several of the Doctors was just icing on the TARDIS cake! Take a peek at the excellents costumes and stay tuned for the full details on our interviews with the stars. This con happens every year in November so DON’T MISS OUT!