More Like Shattered Expectations

More like shattered expectations really, a game that ruined everyone’s anticipation within a few days.

Developed on the Wii platform the video games was nothing more than a train wreck designed by Climax Studios and Konami in 2009.
1961388_827433423937771_1288543456_nDuring the design process the team claimed that they were trying to get a ‘alternate’ version of 1932013_827434927270954_791708887_nSilent Hill. One in which Harry Mason does die in the car crash and is a wandering spirit coming to terms with his death and learning what has become of Cheryl, his little girl. The thought of this is a nice idea, to see what would happen if one were to get the ending of ‘Harry’s Death’. But the team went so far off the original designs of the characters that it was hard for dedicated players (fans) to relate to the video game. Most do not even realize that the player character is in fact Harry Mason. When they do find out, they are often shocked and rather disappointed. One of the first noticeable changes is his features, such as: facial differences, much younger look, glasses, five o’clock shadow, and voice. It was a bunch of little and major differences that added up and soon Harry Mason was just a completely different character than the one fans had grown to love.
10000353_827436140604166_954894982_oAnother extreme difference is Cheryl, which the designers tried to base her off of 1957457_827436293937484_936492099_nHeather, the alter identity that Cheryl takes on so that the occult would not find her so easily. But the sassy attitude that Heather once had in Silent Hill 3, had seemed to be forgotten when designing Heather for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Or also the complete 180 spin Dahlia and how she went from being Alyssa’s mother and a complete psycho to a young slutty woman that sleeps 1940287_827436707270776_1413702088_naround with you behind your wife’s back. What?! Harry Mason and Dahlia knocking boots?! I could vomit! The cheating is just one of the many personalities 1964193_827436803937433_163473613_none could obtain for Harry when taking random psychological test throughout the game.Which are all in all pretty fun and spookily accurate. Plus I love how the therapist says “If you want to mess up your kids, send em to high school…” HA!!Yea did I also mention that Cheryl is rattling desk with her teacher and is extremely teased at school? Ugh this is not the Cheryl/Heather I know!!
The graphics and psychology input into the video game however was very well done and it was quite fun to play on the Wii, making players feel more interactive with certain scenes, and even more terrified when running away from creatures. Which are pretty creepy when they catch you because all they do is hug you until you fall down to the ground which they then cradle you the whole way….pretty eerie. The ice world instead of the fog world however different was actually pretty cool and beautiful to see when running from the compassionate creatures. At the price of $31.95, I would be quicker to recommend renting it than buying it. To each their own on the rating of this video game, however I personally don’t rate it as one of my favorite Silent Hill games. I can respect the designers way of trying to put a new view on how the game could have played out, but it was just way to different for me. The characters were far from the originals, which made it pretty hard to relate to them, having already developed a connection with Silent Hill 1.
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