My Minecraft Adventures!


Ever decide to play a game to see what it is like only to play the game for 14+ hours with no break? Well I did!

Several of my friends have played Minecraft for years on either the computer or the Xbox 360. They have also tried for years to get me to play the game, I being the stubborn minded gamer I am told them no. When asked why I would not play the game, the one thing I would always say is “I don’t like the graphics”.  I also thought the whole point of the game was to dig, just dig and dig and dig. Boy was I wrong! I have had so much fun playing Minecraft for the past couple of weeks that I decided to make a little adventure blog of the crazy things that me and my friends build. So without further mumble jumble my first adventure!

House on a hillThis is the second house that we built in the game. The first one was a side of a mountain where we spawned when entering the game. We ended up turning it into a mining cave after building this house so we still use it but not as a house. Also the thing that I thought was the most retarded thing to do in a video game (digging) is the thing I love to do the most. Which is why we needed a new house. I kinda turned the last one into a series of twisty tunnels that went every which way, including up, that one tended to get lost in. That is when my companion and I decided that we needed a house, and not one where I was allowed to dig. So we Ender Man attackwent looking for a location that was relatively safe and had an advantage point so we could see our new world! We also needed an escape route from the Enderman, which I also seemed good at finding. The first one being in the cave where I walked up the stairs and saw this giant black thing with glowing purple swirls around it, looked at it and asked “What’s this?” After a narrow escape and a lesson learned we decided that we would put a diving board on the back porch, as I had already found 2 more Enderman while building this house. So insert a few cobblestone bricks off your back porch over some water and you have a diving board…I mean an Enderman escape route!

Cake anyoneNow one thing me and my gamer buddy have found out is when I am told to gather something, I tend to over do it. We were running low on food and decided to plant a garden with some sugarcane, watermelons, carrots, potato, and wheat. Well having all the crops were nice, but was not giving us much to eat. We had also found some cows and chickens, and made a nice little farm below our house on a hill. But still had barely any food, until I discovered how to make cakes! With the wheat and sugar being in the garden, and the cows having milk and chickens producing eggs, my friend showed me how to make cakes and cookies. He then went on his way to create some more awesome stuff and left me to it. Bad idea! Just like my digging, and the uncanny knack of finding Enderman I fixed the food issue, with enough cakes to make a bakery drool with envy. I also made some cookies, baked potato’s, and bread. Now we no longer have to worry about food, actually we had to get rid of some chickens because of the egg gathering machine my friend made. We still tend to have to many eggs, but boy do we have food.

The next adventure on the list was a tram system. We had a cave, a self building castle, a house on a hill, a desert templeTram System, and we were working on a beach house. We needed a way to get around that did not take forever and evolve getting shot at. So my gamer buddy showed me how to make redstone tracks and how to walk backwards and lay cobblestone slabs in mid air. So we built the tracks to the cave and to the self building castle, (desert temple and beach house were not thought up yet) and then I had an idea, cover it all in glass. Now my gamer buddy had used creative mode for a bit to get the harder to find materials to build the tracks, but me being stubborn decided that I would farm all the sand to make the glass to cover the track in. After spending about a day and half on just that little bit of track, I decided that my gamer buddy could also use creative mode to cover the rest of the tracks that were built in glass as well. Now we have an awesome way to get around, and don’t have to walk at all.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 11.25.35 PMAnd for the final installment of this Minecraft Adventure story I bring you Hello Kitty! Yes that is right and no it is not a mistype, I had my gamer buddy build a giant Hello Kitty rug in the beach house. Now, Hello Kitty was suppose to be a 3d pixel art statue, but I was unsure as where I would but a giant fluffy kitty. While I pondered on where my taller then life furry friend would go, I collected 722 pieces of wool, 2 stacks of ink sacks, 1 stake of red flowers, 1 stack of yellow flowers, 3 stacks of bone meal and a bigger dilemma on where to place Hello Kitty. Now while I was doing this, my friend suggested that we make it into a carpet at the beach house as he was also working on that at the same time, and thus Hello Kitty was born.

Hope you enjoyed my random adventure into Minecraft and see you next month!