Sexism in Modern Times

As the years have come, it would be made seen that the classic womanizing aspects have deflimished…or have they? In recent news, the problem of sexism has sparked in the Geek Girl community, all over a little hair cut.

Last week on The Daily Dot an article was published about the incredible issues that well known geek girl Felicia Day has been incountering all because a new pixie styled hair do of hers. Many of these comments attack Day on her appearence, mocking her looks now that her signature red locks are no more. It has made a huge splash, that even in 2014, girls still are being pressured and insulted over short hair.



Though Day seems unfazed by the insults, simply acknowledgoing that even in today’s society, we still live among those with these sexist views. Among all of those that have spoken out agianst her, those that have taken the most, and probably only effect would be her fans, as Day stated “The ones that confuse and hurt me the most are like this one I got last week: ‘Love your videos, will be back when you grow your hair out’” (The Daily Dot). And of course this would be hurtful, Day as managed to build a well known and growing voice for herself, and to be told by a fan that her image is more important then her voice, would be hurtful to anyone.


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But with all critics aside, the most outstanding thing seems to be the before and after shots of her posted by many people, though as seen in many of these, it is not even her image being shown in the before, just a red headed girl. These images just show how immature some people have become on the subject her her image change.