Conventions do’s and don’ts


Everyone has gone to conventions and wished that there was a guide on how to behave at a con. Well I decided to write a few points down that I have had encounters with while attending a con. So here are the top 5 do’s and don’ts that I feel everyone should know and follow. Remember we are all real people under the cosplays and every so often we do need a break. Without further mumble jumble here they are:

1) Following people: So you see the most perfect cosplay of your favorite anime or game character ever! You take their picture, give them a hug and have a quick chat. They start heading away from you going on about their day. They turn around and see that your still there, now they can either invite you to follow feeling sorry that you are friendly but awkward, or they can ask you to not follow them. Just to avoid this awkward situation ask to hang out, or just say good-bye and continue on with taking pictures.

2) Cosplayers eating: Like I stated above cosplayers are real people. Real people have needs, like food, drink, and sleep. If you see a cosplayer sittings down and eating, please don’t ask them to take a picture. Most of the time they have to take pieces of the cosplay off to eat. You asking them for a picture while they are eating not only interrupts their break but makes them have to stand up and put the pieces they took off on, but then they have to take them off to continue eating. So wait until after they are done eating, or until you see them at a later time that day.


3) Cosplayers sitting down: This kinda of flows with number 2 but is different. If you see a cosplayer sitting down then you could ask for a picture. You have a 50/50 chance of getting one, it really all depends on what kind of day the cosplayer has had. If you ask politely then your chance increases, but don’t just assume that you walking up to the cosplayer with a camera means  they are going to get up and pose. So be polite and ask first, remember they are people.

4) Glomps: Yes that is your dream anime character standing in front of you, but it is not really them. Now your dream is to run at this person and give them the biggest hug ever. STOP! There is a possibility that you could break something on the cosplay, ripe it, or even hurt the person. Not everyone thinks about the possibility  of someone running at them wanting a hug. If you just ask them for a hug they will more then likely give you a hug just for the fact that you asked them. Cosplayers are normally friendly people and know what it is like to see the anime character of their dreams.

5) Props: Cosplayers have some of the most amazing props ever. They make it seem effortless and you just want to reach out and touch it. Don’t. There are some people who don’t like people touching their newly made props not only because it cost a lot but because they are hard to make and they are fragile. So ask the cosplayer if you could look at the prop, maybe they could turn it around or they might allow you to hold it, who knows. But for safety, just look.

I hope you enjoyed this little tid bit of info. Remember to leave a comment below with some of your points on con behavior.