The Chic Geek: Inara Serra

For this installment of The Chic Geek, I’ve created an outfit inspired by Inara Serra from Firefly and Serenity. 

Ask any Browncoat who knows a thing and they’ll tell you, Inara has the best wardrobe, bar none! Fancy gowns and jewels full of elegance and class, befitting a companion of her status. Even though it seems like Inara is the odd one out, she feels right at home on Serenity, sometimes acting as the voice of reason. She is wise and kindhearted, though not without a temper(especially when it comes to Mal). She watches after Kaylee and has been known to use her status to get the crew out of one scrape or another.

Channel her look with a long dress or skirt in a rich color. Layer on intricate jewelry, and really nail the look with eastern inspired pieces.

Start with a Dress($50)

Add a gold Belt($7) and a Body Chain($13)

A unique gold arm Cuff($9) and and chain Armlet($12)

And a gold filigree Ear Cuff($4) completes the look

Bonus! This gorgeous chiffon Moroccan Kaftan($44) resembles some of Inara’s outfits.

The best part about an Inara inspired outfit, is that you don’t have to wait for your next convention or Firefly screening party to rock it. An ensemble like this would be perfect for your next night out!