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Geek Girl Issues: Cosplay & Weight

Lately, whether it be on social media sites, aka Facebook or through random posting in google, there seems to be a major geek girl issue that has a lot of attention on it. And after looking into the issue I wanted to go into a blog on the topic, to see how other fellow girls felt, so let’s take a look into the hot topic of Cosplayers and Weight.

SO I am sure many of you already know what this blog is talking about, tumblr_m52j40tz191r3d7oko1_1280recently many curvier female cosplayers have been getting some rather harsh and insensitive words thrown at them because they are not the perfect thin characters they are portraying. As a curvy girl myself, it is upsetting to see that even in a social group where the “Barbie” look is not expected of us girls, there is still so much cruelty being put aimed at someone over a few pounds. Now of course I could understand if the outfit was being worn to where certain bigger than most body areas was being exposed, that I could understand, expectably since many conventions have children. But a lot of these female cosplayers are dressed in appropriate cosplays, just trying to have a good time as their favorite characters, and nothing could be worse than working hours on end to create an outfit so to have a fun weekend with friends, only to be bullied because your weight.

A lot of people are saying that overweight cosplayers are not portraying the characters right. But does anyone keep in mind these are fictional characters, and for the most part, a lot of females do not look like these characters, whether it is their weight, height, or any other genetics. And even though it is nice to have the greatest cosplay ever, many (like myself) are in it for the pure fun, and in my opinion, they should not have it taken from them, it is their hobby, their passion, their way of relaxing, so why not just let them be. Hopefully this issue will be resolved so that cosplaying can go back to what it is, an enjoyment, instead of another area where many girls have to feel like every part of them is being judged on perfections, what do you girls think?