January Geeky Must Haves: Valentines Day Edition

Valentines Day is just around the corner (you have 5 weeks to be exact) so I have scoured the net far and wide to bring you a list of awesome and epic products that all geek couples should swoon over together. Whether a couples item, or a present to the geek you crush on the most, here are my top choices. 


In the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo lives a human named Finn and a dog named Jake. Brothers, best friends, bros till the end it would be a travesty to split them up. So dont! Now you can be “THAT” couple, but with it being your little secret and with a lot more style than those lames wearing “his and hers” shirts. Check out this awesome matching Finn and Jake underwear and keep true love where it should be, in private and in your pants.

 Adventure Time Underroos


 You can snag adorable Finn and Jake at WeLoveFine.com for $15 & $10 ea.

A bouquet of Roses is sooooo cliche. They’re expensive, they have to be cut and put in water, they last for only a few days then they die and start to stink up the place. Be unique and give her a bouquet of unicorns instead! What girl doesn’t like unicorns? Come on, a dozen of some adorable, cute, cuddly, plush magical horses on detachable sticks wrapped in pretty paper with a bow?? I dare a girl not to swoon!

Bouquet of Unicorns


Order this bundle of love from our favorite store ThinkGeek.com for $49.99

Next up we have a gift you both can enjoy together. It destroyed an entire planet, was the central theme around a full length movie and was home to countless prisoners of the Empire, but damn if it wasn’t super sexy. Yes ladies and gentlemen I’m talking about the Death Star. Now you can bring the sexiness of the Death Star and the night sky into your bedroom. Heck go all out and celebrate under it during your sexy time. This table top Death Star opens up into a planetary projector and you can view a map of the Star Wars galaxy, or view the Earth’s night sky.

Death Star Planetarium


Pick up this bad boy over on Amazon.com for only $18.99

It’s winter and if you are unfortunate enough like me to live in the Midwest, it is COLD as Hoth. What better way to show you care by keeping your lover’s feet warm. You know those brisk winter nights where they just wanna try one more time to beat that boss if they could just get him to stay still for 2 seconds, and 3 hours later you realize they are not coming to bed anytime soon. Well now you can show your love, acceptance and support for their gaming addiction with these soft plush USB foot warming slippers.

USB Foot Warmer

0024924.jpgYou can buy these warm fuzzies at Meritline.com for only $12.99


Every month I will bring you one of my favorite Etsy sellers with the cutest geeky accessories. This month I bring to you the Etsy Store HellzBellz Designs owned by our very own movie reviewer- Marie Lisa Schiavone hailing from South Carolina. Being a gamer herself, Marie designs awesome necklaces and earrings with 20 sided dice. They are fashionable, elegant and make an artistic geeky statement. So buy some NOW! Her beautiful D20 jewelery is $25 a piece and she’s always excited about custom orders.

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