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My Genderbend Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone!

While I’m sure you’ve heard it from everyone and your neighbor’s dog by now, this is my first chance to say it to you! I absolutely love the New Year, for the same reason I love Mondays. Yes, you heard correctly I love Mondays.  I’m going to tell you why. Mondays are the start of a new week, a new chance to start over on your goals or start new ones; it’s like a mini fresh slate.


New Years is the same way, a chance to start over set goals that you get 365 days to accomplish. Had a bad year? No problem you get a whole new one to take advantage of. Ever notice how happy everyone is at the beginning of the year? I didn’t get the chance to reach my new year’s resolution last year of creating at least one cosplay a month for a total of 12 by the end of the year, don’t get me wrong I made a good go of it ending up with a total of 9 this year (11 if you count commissions.)  It was a great year I got to learn a lot of things and even got the chance to work with wonderflex for the first time. I struggled with body image, and managed to work up the courage to wear Cammy White (Street Fighter) to PAX this year.  A look back at 2013 was an excellent year for cosplay for me. Even after I ended up on the short end of the money stick.

Now with 2014 here, I really want to focus down to quality over quantity. I want to make bigger and better costumes rather than more of them. Now my blog focuses on genderbend. So the real question here is why am I sitting here talking about resolutions? Well the answer is pretty simple: What I anticipate as my biggest challenge this year is going to my “Fem” Vegeta cosplay inspired by the artwork by Maniaxoi on Deviant Art. (If you are a Dragon Ball fan she has a ton of awesome art based on the series).

She Vegeta By: Maniaxoi
check her out at

I plan to debut the costume at a local anime convention called KuroNekoCon out of Spokane, WA this summer, so over the next 6 or 7 months I will continue to update you on progress from everything from the extremely gravity defying wig, to the Saiyan armor (think DBZ season 1),  even how I’m going to make the oh-so-famous scouter.

I’m so excited for this costume. Vegeta is my favorite character from Dragon Ball Z, which will always remain a guilty pleasure for me. He’s the typical bad boy. They make for the most fun to get into character when it comes time to don the costume. I remember sitting at dinner on one of my husband and I’s date night, we were talking all about nostalgia. How he was that boy who spent all of high school in the friend zone.

She Vegeta By: Maniaxoi
check her out at

“Vegeta and Tommy Oliver are the reason I never got a date in high school.” He proclaimed. I pointed out to him that the fact he knew who Vegeta and Tommy Oliver were was probably why he never got a date in high school. But he has a point, we all have a soft spot for bad boys. I am no exception. I love me a bad boy they make for such fun characters especially because we all know they have a soft spot themselves.

So what is your favorite bad boy cosplay? Genderbend or not? What are your cosplay resolutions for 2014?