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The Chic Geek: Princess Mononoke

For this month’s installment of The Chic Geek, I’ve created an outfit inspired by San from Princess Mononoke. San was raised in the forest by wolves, and fights along with them to save their home from destruction. She is a fierce warrior, and although she hates humans for what they do to the forest, she learns to care for Ashitaka after he gets caught up in the struggle.

Channel San’s look with a blue Skirt($20)

Pair it with a light colored tank Top($15)

Add a pair of tan Boots($43)

A Coyote tooth slave Bracelet($12)

Kodama Earrings($8)

And finish up the look with a wolf Necklace($30)

I love Princess Mononoke, and San is actually the reason I started cosplaying, so I hope you enjoy this outfit as much as I do!

Got a favorite geeky character outfit that you’d like to see re-mixed into a modern ensemble? Leave a comment and let me know!