The Chic Geek: Katniss Everdeen

The second installment in the hugely popular Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, premiered this week,and I could not be more excited! Katniss Everdeen is an unlikely heroine, trying to survive and in a desolate world. She is strong and smart, and would do anything for the people she loves.

Brown Leather Jacket($25)

Red and Orange Fire Scarf($28)

Orange Ruffled Dress-Inspired by Katniss’ stunning interview Dress($48)

Cargo Pants($23)

Tall Lace-up Boots($46)

Mockingjay Bracelet($10)

Hunger Games Tote Bag($35)

District 12 Inspired Socks($15)

Arrow Earrings($30)


Alright tributes, you’ve got an outfit to make your the toast of the Capitol. Now go make your district proud and see the Hunger Game: Catching Fire, in theaters now! And may the odds be ever in your favor.