Day of the Doctor Live Event Recap

Here in the D20 Girls writing room we are mega Doctor Who fans. So all across the U.S. we will be joining in the festivities!tumblr_mwoxqezdPu1qcx7o0o2_r1_500

I scored tickets to the live 3D event on the big screen Saturday afternoon and ran around in Chicago as a cute Gold Glittery Dalek at the Cinemark Century 12 Evanston theater. Here is what happened:

**It’s a brisk day in Evanston, Illinois today and as we shuffle to our designated theaters I am ecstatic to be filled in such a gigantic sea of cosplayers and die hard Whovians. There’s a plethora of bow-ties, converse and wacky scarves mixed in with fandom shirts, fezzes and sonic screwdrivers all flashing awaiting the start of the show.

**As the lights dim we see a familiar face on screen, your friendly? neighborhood Sontaran Commander and Nanny- Strax. He brings us a special reminder to silence our communication devices and to never break the law with recorders by showing us his “puny human” victims strapped up and prepared for torture. He ends the announcement by being excited about the creatures “popped Corn” because we heat them up and explode and consume them. He munches away in delight reminding us “Popcorn can feel pain.”

**We are then treated to another intro to the 3D aspects of the movie by none other than 10 and 11. Amidst trading several witty insults they instruct us to put on our 3D glasses and it is NOW TIME.

**Squeals, Cheers, Gasps, Tears, and Claps – the movie is done. Just as all 3 Doctors sauntered in to our lives, all 3 Doctors sauntered out.

tumblr_mwqqkkptTc1qhfadgo2_500 tumblr_mwqqkkptTc1qhfadgo1_500

But frett not! We also get to see a sneak peek of lucky number 13! tumblr_mwqmw3BY1R1qhfadgo3_500

**After the credits role we also get to enjoy a special behind the scenes making of featurette narrated by none other than #6-Colin Baker!

**The Day of the Doctor was epic and and time changing and seeing it in theaters in 3D was the absolute best choice for all die hard Whovians. The effects were brilliant and nothing beats being in a crowd of hundreds of people who will be happy to cry with you. After your visit here be sure to check out Bleeding Cool who was gracious enough to give us awesome tidbits of info on all the Easter Eggs in the movie you might not have noticed –

Now on to the COSPLAY!!



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