Manga Making 101

Looking over the fan base of anime and gamers, myself included, I’ve noticed a lot of you enjoy drawing fan art or your own characters or OCs. These artistic acts is easily done with the use of art based applications or programs. I know many use Adobe’s Photoshop or Illustrator, and these top programs are great for creating the beautiful imagery needed. But, how many of you have ever wanted to take these images and create an actual story plot with them? I have, and being curious, looked into some software and programs to see what I could find. What I found is a program, which even though doesn’t seem to be popular from what I can tell, is amazing for taking that extra step in the creative process. The program is called MangaStudio copyright to a company called Smith Micro. The specific MangaStudio I will be addressing is MangaStudio 5.0.

How does this software work?…Untitled-1

Well looking at the basics, the program comes with multiple templates for panels, to start off creating a page. From here you may either upload your own artwork to insert into the panels, or if you would like to just test some stuff out (like myself), you can insert some images the software provides for you, mostly scenery.



After placing a few images about as you wish, what is the next thing you can do? Well anything you want, but let’s add some of those most loved effects that add to the images of our favorite manga. By selecting the Effects Tool (a sparkling symbol), you are now open to explore tons of effects from traditional to more odd but very workable images, depending on the look you want.


Now let us add some dialogue, going to the material section and down to the Manga Material (where panels can be located), there is an option for Balloons, and from here you can select from what fits your images and the actions happening.
With all the basics of a manga page done, you can either do more customizing or if satisfied, your work is Complete! So for anyone out there that enjoys the style of manga art and would like to try their own hand in making their own story ideas come to life, I highly recommend this program, it comes in trial form and is a great way to have fun for hours.


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