Costume Parties: The time for historic genderbends

Ever since I started cosplaying I’ve found holidays like Halloween to be a let down of cheap store bought costumes and horrifically and/or inappropriate sexy versions of things. While it may be my favorite holiday, I get nervous to take my costumes to parties in fear that the chunk of money I’ve spent on it will be thrown out the window by one clumsy drunk in dire need of a sippy cup. In fact during my bachelorette party we decided we were all going to go out to celebrate in cosplay, in my mind a much better way to draw attention to yourself than sashes and gaudy veils. By the end of the night my Rainbow Dash costume ended up clumped with alcohol and the stench of cigarettes, and my wings were beer stained (wings were saved, wig wasn’t….RIP pretty rainbow wig.)

So what is a cosplayer to do on a holiday when dressing up as your favorite characters isn’t weird?  Well you have 2 options: 1) Wear whatever costume you deem mainstream enough for people to get and pray you don’t get someone’s party-themed mix drink down your back OR 2) join ’em.

*GASP* Join the muggles Trinket!?!?! You’re crazy!!!

Not as crazy as you may think. I’ve been seeing more and more people making historical figures into sexy party costumes, it’s fun, silly and can totally be done with clothes from your closet. Check out these ideas to use for next year, or maybe for an impromptu costume party where you don’t want to jeopardize your cosplay.

image was selling this sexy version of George Washington…sans wooden teeth

If you’ve ever searched through just to peek at their costumes you know that they are absolutely ridiculous. Majority of their costumes are gratuitous to say the least and ALL of them are overpriced. I mean if you’re into cheap fabric and poor construction these guys are your bet. Heck to say the least they are easy, they don’t even require scrounging through your closet. (I guess if your closet looks like mine it may just be worth it to fork out the money.)


Baberham Lincoln and Hot Wilkes Boothe (

Now I have to say Rain Blaken a professional seamstress and DIY Fashion blogger for and her friend Nikki, took the cake for inappropriately sexy costumes, with a few pieces from their closet and some lady wooing facial hair they managed to take the 16th president of the United States and his assassin, and dare I say? Made them comedic. What’s funnier than a bearded lady really? And what’s sexier than a funny lady? Nothing!

Majority of these pieces could be found in any costumer’s closet: top hat, fishnets, boa, hot shorts etc. Granted Rain and Nikki worked together on this costume to allow a bit more coverage for Nikki and made her top and arm poofies.

Now just to prove to you all that these really can be done from your closet I present to you:

Edgar Allen Ho

I swear that raven is totally real and not badly photoshopped ;) Yes it’s totally a bathroom cell phone selfie, but it’s in the spirit of cheap and easy party costumes. I had every piece of this costume sitting in my costume bin and was able to put this together in less than 15 minutes. I decided to put my hair up in an unkempt messy sort of style, since his hair always seemed sort of messy anyway, of course I added my finger mustache…that looks a little more Hitler than Poe but when it comes to famous mustaches the two are pretty similar. The outfit itself is put together of black ruffle lace brief/short things, a black suitish jacket, fishnets and a scarf. If I had actually had worn this to a Halloween party I would have gone out and bought one of those dime a dozen crows and passed it as a Raven…no one really knows the difference. But for now my not-badly-photoshopped raven will do.

What did all of you wear for Halloween?

Want to see more sexy costumes that are just wrong? Check out this article here…who know you might find some good ideas.