Halloween Safety

Good evening boils & ghouls I hope you all are having a wicked night this eve. Honestly though, I do hope that you all have a safe Halloween & so instead of my typical party blog I’m going to spend this article focusing more on how to keep your little monsters safe while Trick-or-Treating.

Scout out your Trick-or-Treating path. I know you’ve heard it time and time again but you’re gonna hear it at least once more from me: Only take your creepy crawlies to neighbors that  have their porch light on. This keeps your child(ren) from getting candy from the creeper down the street that you maybe saw once this year when he was carrying in 10 one gallon jugs of bleach late that night. Honestly though it is something that you should do. If you plan to just walk with your critters around from house to house be sure to check out your local sex offender’s registry site. Some states have what is referred to as a “No Candy” law which keeps registered sex offenders from giving out candy on Halloween and instead keep their porch lights off or post signs in their yards that read: “No candy at this residence”. Other state laws are set up so that sex offenders are not only not allowed to distribute candy but also are not allowed to be wearing costumes on Halloween night, however it is best to check with your state and their laws as well as their registry to make 110% sure that you are keeping your child(ren) as safe as possible.

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This image belongs to Microsoft.


Don’t feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough of your neighbors to let your ghosts and ghouls knock on doors? Check with your Candy in a carcommunity about local Trunk-or-Treating. This is often put together by churches or community-sponsors. For example the town I am living in now does a Trick-or-Treat at the track which allows families to come by the city park to trick-or-treat. All vendors are community businesses, fire departments, etc and the entire event is well lit, with officers patrolling, and an ambulance squad nearby that is set up in case of boo boos or anything else. If your community does not have events like these there is always Trick-or-Treating at the mall.


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You’re path is planned and your monsters are ready to run out on this crisp autumn night but before you let them leap make sure the right safety measures have been taken with their outfits. Costumes can be everything from dark and spooky to sparkly and cute so how do you keep your goblins safe in their suits? You can use reflective tape to adhere to their outfits so that any vehicle or passerby will be able to see your child on Halloween night. Other ways to brighten up the night is by having your tiny terror wear a glow stick or by attaching it to their bags/buckets. Amazon has packs for sale that glow up to 12 hrs to ensure that they are well lit the entire night of Trick-or-Treating. Of course you can always give them a flashlight to hold to light the way to treats.

This image belongs to Microsoft.

This image belongs to Microsoft.

Once you and your boils and ghouls are back home, gather them around to pour their candy into a pile that you can then sort through. We dumped our winnings from the night into a large plastic cauldron and ate on a few spare candy bags my parents would set aside for us while they searched for open or odd looking candy. I know your little one may not enjoy having treats taken from them upon return but it is better to be safe than sorry. For those new to what you would be searching for are the following: Dispose of opened, loosely wrapped, or twist wrapped candy, throw away fruits or homemade treats as these can easily be tampered with, toss out anything that you feel looks, feels, or smells odd. There are loads of websites that have more advice on this topic and can be found by a simple search on ‘How to check candy at Halloween’. Play it safe if you did not know the people who gave your child candy. If you really want to be extra careful take small Ziploc bags and write down the house number/street address and put the candy your child received from that location into the bag to be looked at later.

I truly hope that you all have an amazing time this Halloween. Remember to have fun but be safe. If you all have any other ideas or possibly questions feel free to comment below. I’ll be back to my party blogs next time. Take care and Happy Halloween.