The Chic Geek: Erza Scarlet

I spent this past week binge watching my favorite anime, Fairy Tail. The show is equal parts goofy, heartwarming, and badass, and follows the story of the wizard’s guild Fairy Tail as they partake in one crazy adventure after another. The show is full of lovable characters, but one of my favorites is “Titania” Erza Scarlet. As the strongest woman in the guild, she takes it upon herself to make sure the others are on their best behavior, and although she can be scary at times, she is loyal and would do anything for her friends. She is full of passion and pride, and has quite a sweet-tooth.

Erza uses “requip magic”, which means she can switch through hundreds of different weapons and armor. She can also change her outfit whenever she feels like it. I’ve decided to focus on her basic armor, which she equips the most.

A tough jacket($35) to match Erza’s armor. Blue pleated skirt($14). Black Suede heeled boots($40). A cupcake printed tote-bag($22), because Erza loves her sweets! Sword earrings($12). Fairy Tail emblem necklace($10). For more Fairy Tail and Erza swag check out Amazon and Redbubble.

Now go and make your wizard guild proud!

Got a favorite geeky character outfit that you’d like to see re-mixed into a modern ensemble? Leave a comment and let me know!