Some Mathematical Genderbend

Someone asked me a question recently that got me scratching my head, and I decided that I would share it here with all of you as well as what I came up with.

 Do Adventure Time cosplays such as Fionna and Marshall Lee count as genderbend?


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Most simply my answer to them was yes. But blogs aren’t made from simple answers either. I myself am a Fionna cosplayer, and she is possibly one of my favorite cosplays to wear at a con. She’s fun, feisty, and lets face it the girl kicks ass. It’s empowering knowing that Fionna didn’t lose any of Finn’s spunk when she made the switch she is 100% still him just with boobs and a skirt. In fact characters like Marshall Lee and Prince Gumdrop even stay true to character in episodes they show up in.


Me as Fionna at Spokane Comicon 2013 meeting up with my counterpart!

The truth is these are just cannon genderbend characters. They just take all the creative design process and planning out of the equation. Which for some can be a really big positive. It just take all the creative design process and planning out of the equation. Which for some can be a really big boost. I know when I create a genderbend character I spend hours searching the internet for ideas and drawing up ideas for my character. When I cosplayed Fionna I still got the feel of doing a genderbend but without banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what Finn would be like as a girl. Personally I really love the design process it’s what gets me excited for my upcoming projects, but sometimes it’s nice to just relax and let someone else do the work for you.



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Now on the flip side of the coin, my lovely husband hugely disagrees with me. Which oddly enough counts for some of our more heated arguments (yeah…I think we’re doing okay for ourselves). He argues that Fionna is a character all her own, that because she’s already been created she’s not a genderbend just a regular old cosplay like any other. He’s right she is her own character separate of Finn and that’s great! Her and Cake and Marshall Lee and Princes Gumball and Lord Monochromicorn, and the Ice Queen, and all those others that live in the land of Aaa are all their very own characters separate from the land of Ooo (The universe that Finn and Jake live in for you newbs :P). But let’s face it with no Ooo there is no Aaa.

I hate to put too many rules on cosplay and genderbend. There are no rules in art! So what do you all think:

Is cosplaying a character from the land of Aaa genderbend? You decide!


Because awesome fan art is awesome! Thank you