Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss a Great Doctor Who Burlesque!

Don’t Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque



It is no secret that I am a MAJOR Doctor Who Fangirl. While you might think that would give me a biased towards liking anything Who related, in actuality it only makes me a lot more judgemental on anything Who related, especially where concerning anything not canon or directly coming from the BBC. It is a show that I love, adore, obsess over and hold very dear to my heart. I know facts that not just any viewer would know and I own items that make you say huh? So when I heard that there was a Doctor Who themed burlesque show going on here in Chicago well my little heart just could not bear to go another day without seeing it. A T.A.R.D.I.S., A Doctor and BOOBS! What more can you ask for?
Walking to my seat proudly wearing my HerUniverse T.A.R.D.I.S. dress, I was very nervous as to how exactly this show would play out. Would they just re-enact popular scenes and undress to them? Would there just be some casual mentions of random characters? As it turns out I got everything I could ever wish for! Written by Busty Warren, the Gorilla Tango girls bring us a brilliant brand new episode stepping in and out of time with several of the fan favorite Doctors (including my favorite #9) in which all the Doctor incarnations have turned female!

The show opens with a T.A.R.D.I.S. -a damn good looking one I might add-complete with sounds and lights and we get a #11 quite captivated with his or rather her new lady body parts. The “not” Amy companion points out how strange the whole situation is. The show goes on to introduce each doctor in their own adventure while dealing with the gender bending fiasco. Along the way we see some of the worst enemies of the Doctor give us a strip tease and plenty of flirting with the audience. There are devious Daleks on roller skates, captivating Cyber-Women, and sexy ginger companions as well as “not” Rose who presented us with awesome rose pasties in salute to the beloved character. I have to admit I completely fell in love with #10’s “not” Donna companion played by Sherri Blossom. She had all her sass and lots of…. well you get the picture. Sherri if you are reading this-marry me!

The best scenes of the show however, featured an Ood and a very naughty Weeping Angel. Portrayed by Estrella Von Trap, hands down just give her all the sexy artistic dancing awards. Her interpretive dance breathed life, fire and passion on to the stage that clearly set this show way above a cheap nude thrill. Burlesque has always had a special place in my heart and if you have never been to a show I suggest you do so at once. Get your mind off the naked dancing girls on poles image I am sure many of you have. Burlesque is an art form, it is entertainment, it is there to tease and provoke your mind and soul not just your body. And Miss Von Trap shows that in such a magical way it is impossible to take her eyes off of her. The perfect song choice for her Weeping Angel scenes definitely add to it as well.

 Of course what would a Doctor Who show be without the beloved and ever popular #10? The amazing Crystal Paradise truly did a sDoctor5pectacular job in capturing his very essence every second of the show and had a spot on performance David Tennant would be wow-ed by! There was a Fantastic moment between the Doctors in which 10 explains to a saddened companion regarding 9 “I replace him.” with 11 saying “But, I replace you” and then a very Tennant sassy rebuttle of “Ahh you try”.  I was practically in tears! That coupled with his earlier mention of  “You always bring glitter to a party” when defeating the Cyber-Women, made her my favorite Doctor of the show. All the Gorilla Tango girls portrayed each doctor magnificently and let the show’s assigned personalities shine through. Beautiful bodies, great music, sexy women in sexy costumes and tons of laughs. This is definitely a must see for everyone, Who fan or not.

This Burlesque show is every shipper, fan fic lover, and Whovian’s dream come true. Unfortunately for the Who fandom this is not canon (although it damn well should be) and is only for a limited time! Show dates are set only until November 29th so unless you own a T.A.R.D.I.S., ACT FAST AND GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!

Show Rating – R
Show Type –
Gorilla Tango Theatre Chicago[Bucktown]
1919 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Tickets are $28-$35; 18 and over only. Advance purchase recommended: or 773-598-4549.