Mario and Luigi: Genderbend 101

mario and luigi

So you REALLY want to do your first genderbend, but you don’t know where to start. Your budget is limited, and (if you’re anything like me) your convention is in 1 week. You need to throw something together and fast. So…why not turn to the classics? Super Mario Bros. characters are the bread and butter of the nerd world. Think about it, have you ever been to a convention and not seen a Mario or Luigi cosplay?

The great thing about these guys is that they are incredibly simple to throw together with some things in your closet. Red or Green shirt? Check. Brown boots? Check. Denim Overalls? um….okay, so not everyone will have denim overalls hanging in their closet, but thrift stores and even WalMart still carry these fairly atrocious garments. Mario and Luigi (in my own opinion) when done as a genderbend always look best in short overalls, if you can’t find these, buy a pair of pants and make them cut offs! Suspender shorts and even normal denim shorts, or denim jumpers are all perfectly acceptable as well. Now just order yourself a hat off Amazon and you’re all set!


One of my favorite Mario genderbends, from cosplayer Enji Night, courtesy of

If you are looking to do one of these iconic characters, but want to take it to another level, meaning either you have the extra money or time. There’s a whole new door open to you. You can add fun accessories, maybe a plushie Yoshi backpack, maybe it’s a mushroom necklace or a pair of Super Star earrings. Maybe it will mean customizing your shorts or dress to look more like the video game. Try adding tights, or some tall socks to your costume. Even better yet find yourself a partner and go as this dynamic duo together! One of you has a willing man victim? Genderbend isn’t just for girls! Try adding a male Peach to your group! Try making your costumes fun or silly, by adding mustaches, or carry around a foam mustache on a stick (like a madam!) Make them sexy by wearing a bikini under your overalls instead of a t-shirt (check your cons dress code first!)

I wish I could share with you all of the amazing genderbend Marios and Luigis that grace a Google image search, but alas I do not have the space to share them all with you, so instead, I’ll leave you all with this fun interpretation of everyone’s favorite brotherly plumbers:

Being a plumber never looked so good!

Being a plumber never looked so good! Thanks for the share!

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