PAX Prime Badges Sell out In Record Time

PAX Prime Badges Sell out In Record Time

Pax Prime 2013  4-day badges sold out in well under 20 minutes this year. The regular single day badges sold out within 7 and a half hours for the rest of the convention. The convention is scheduled to take place in Seattle Washington from August 30th to September 2nd marking it’s first four year. They added an extra day this year so more people would have the chance to go, but with the 4-day badges selling out in record time, many were forced to buy individual passes and spend upwards to $120 plus taxes at face value.

Their twitter feed (@Official_PAX) blew up this morning with comments, concerns, and questions about the Queue Registry, and their hotel registry being slow as well. In 2012 the website crashed and was down an entire week because the servers were over-loaded. This year with the new Queue Registry waiting rooms, you could be sitting indefiently for badges.

Personally, I waited an hour and a half to see how long it would take and if I could secure a single day pass. I gave up after the half hour mark at noon. (However, I was able to secure 4 single day badges (per day) from a friend at whole sale price, but I can not say the same for others. So you will be seeing me attend 2013 PAX Prime one way or another!)

The price was a steal at 95$, and you could buy 4  four day badges at one time, per debit or credit card. As well as FOUR Friday, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday, and 4 Monday badges at one single time. This makes it extremely easy to purchase for a group or friends or a family, or for a scalper to purchase mass amounts before others and then sell them on ebay, craigslist, or reddit at twice the face value as seen these past few years.


For 1-day badges you are looking at spending 120$ total for the 4 day event, or 90$ for 3 days. With only 15,000 tickets left and 16,000 people waiting in line, it looks like a good 1,000 folks will be out of luck.

My estimation is that PAX Prime will be sold out with in 24 hours.

Hopefully as the convention continues to grow, they will change the system to a One badge per person with legal names attached to the badges for less re-sell value (for scalpers) and more security for the convention itself and it’s attendees. It would be more work to create the badges, however it would be worth it for population and quality control over the re-selling of possible fake badges. The convention DOES NOT see the money that the scalpers up sell their tickets for, they only see the original face value. So in all honesty, those that are loosing out are the attendee’s and convention staff. Also if you’re caught buying a fake badge OR meeting a scalper, then you could be charged a criminal offense, as well as the offender who was selling you the ticket(s).

Pax Prime is a wonderful convention that despite the flaws in it’s registration, is very well organized and ran. Attendee’s fly out from out of state and country just to come to Seattle and this helps boost our local economy as well. It is worth going to if you can afford the price of attending one of the more popular conventions in the Pacific Northwest.

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