The Nerdy Gimp’s Dealers Room Tips

Hello there! I feel like a slight introduction is in order before I drop my first bundle of toy collecting wisdom. My name is Ann but I also go by The Nerdy Gimp. I am a twenty something college student, toy collector, and furry creature enthusiast. I am many things but most importantly, I am a proud member of the Texas Chapter of the D20 Girls. In addition to enriching my community through the awesome dose of girl power that is the D20 Girls, I pride myself on having a pretty great toy collection. I collect everything from Star Wars, Masters of the Universe, and My Little Pony. As a child of the 80’s and early 90’s, I have refused to leave the bright and colorful world of Saturday morning cartoons behind me. I feel like I am constantly looking on eBay for my latest toy conquest or making weekly trips to my local toy store. Because the D20 girls can usually be found on the convention floor or maybe even behind our own booth, I decided that my first article should be a survival guide for convention goers so that they may enjoy their Dealer Room experience with wallets still intact, or if not, at least leave with a bounty of plastic treasures.

Ann Gaines

20 something nerd girl, toy collector, and blogger

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